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Policies and Monitoring:  More or Less

Policies and Monitoring: More or Less

More policy is not necessarily better, and less may sometimes be more.  John Carver went so far as to headline his November 1997 Board Leadership article, “Honey, I Shrunk the Policies,” with the sentence “In Policymaking, More is Definitely Not Better.” A board I’m...
Who’s Around the Table?

Who’s Around the Table?

Are your board members chosen for name recognition? For their management skills? For their connections or fund-raising capacity? For their ability to work as a productive team? Boards and managers do very different yet equally essential work. Boards govern, not...
Travelling by Coach

Travelling by Coach

Jannice Moore, our company founder, named our firm The Governance Coach™.  While coaching is just one of our services, we emphasize it in the name because we’ve found coaching to be the most effective way to help boards realize and sustain a culture of governance...

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