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We specialize exclusively in Policy Governance® consultation and coaching. The Governance Coach™ has helped over 500 governing boards of all types and sizes implement and apply the Policy Governance model effectively.

Our unique system,  the REALBoard Advantage™ uses a series of carefully designed steps to coach your board from initial understanding of Policy Governance principles to achieving mastery in applying the Policy Governance model.

Our unique steps include:

  • The Clarity Consultation™
  • The Board-Management Accountability Process™
  • The Alignment Process™
  • The Accountability Culture Enhancer™
  • The Vision Refiner™
  • The REALBoard Legacy Builder™

Each step includes practical implementation tools, knowledge products and customized governance coaching appropriate to your stage of Policy Governance implementation. Our unique system helps you to sustain the investment you have made in learning to govern more effectively.

When you have achieved mastery of applying the Policy Governance principles, you will be able to say with confidence that you are a “REAL” Board:

R – Results-focused: Your major focus is on the results produced
E – Excellent: Your board makes a REAL difference
A – Accountable and Linked to Owners: You are connected to owners/shareholders and they are satisfied your organization or company is accountable and producing appropriate results on their behalf
L – Legacy-creating: Your board creates a lasting legacy that outlives the tenure of individual board members

Based on our collective experience of over 40,000 hands-on hours assisting a wide variety of boards in implementing Policy Governance, we have been able to develop a number of unique knowledge products. Our practical hands-on Tool Kits will help your board to more effectively apply Policy Governance principles and achieve mastery more quickly. Our REALBoard on-line learning modules give you a unique opportunity for interactive learning at your convenience. Our downloadable tools give you instant access to practical supports for your board.

We have built our company, founded in 1994, on the values of integrity and servant-leadership.

We are committed to your success and will personally coach your board to maximize the benefits of the Policy Governance model.

What does board coaching look like?

For the answer to this and an in depth explanation of our unique system, click on the graphic below.

Does Your Board Need The Governance Coach?

Consider the world of winners: Teams that want to win the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, or Olympic gold need coaches. Successful actors, singers and musicians all benefit from having coaches.

Boards of governors hold in their hands the very future of their organizations—a responsibility even more critical than scoring points or hitting high C. Yet, the motto of many boards seems to be “We can do it ourselves.”

The Governance Coach can provide you with a game plan for realizing accountable board leadership. Our solid understanding of governance and a depth of over 80 years of cumulative experience with the Carver Governance model has allowed us to create a proven system of implementation that can help you achieve excellence.

The Governance Coach:

  • understands your challenges and encourages your efforts
  • clarifies the goals and illuminates the implementation process
  • nudges you back on track if you stray from the principles of effective governance
  • offers advice to help you avoid potential pitfalls
  • observes and comments from a position of neutrality
  • asks the right questions to cause productive reflection
  • brings key principles of governance back to the forefront with “just in time” learning
  • enables your board to provide more effective leadership
  • provides practical tools and suggestions based on a wealth of experience
  • has a proven 6-step system to help you achieve Policy Governance mastery

The Governance Coach team is a group of highly qualified and experienced Policy Governance consultants and coaches who are experts in the Carver governance model.

Why Bother with Board Education?

Make an investment in your organization's future!

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