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What’s Unique about The Governance Coach™


Expert Coaching. Practical Resources.

With over 40,000 hands-on consulting hours in Policy Governance, The Governance Coach™ Team provides practical advice based on real-life experience.  We can tell you what works, and save your board time and energy trying approaches that are less successful and just plain frustrating.

We believe that truly responsible boards – and you wouldn’t be reading this page if you didn’t fit that description – seek to shape meaningful futures. Based on our experience, we’ve designed a REALBoard Blueprint™ to coach you along the path to developing a set of key capabilities to accelerate your ability to shape meaningful futures for those you serve.

Because one of the key levers to achieve those capabilities is having a principles-based governance system, and because the Policy Governance® system is the most effective way we’ve found to achieve the desired results, we specialize in  coaching boards to use this system as a tool to achieve the results they desire. We have helped over 500 governing boards of all types and sizes do just that.

Our unique system,  the REALBoard Excellence Advantage™ uses a series of carefully designed steps to coach your board not just to fulfill your fiduciary duties,  but to provide visionary leadership.

Our unique steps include:

  • The Clarity Consultation™
  • The Board-Management Accountability Process™
  • The Alignment Process™
  • The Accountability Culture Enhancer™
  • The Vision Refiner™
  • The REALBoard Legacy Builder™

Each step includes practical implementation tools, resources and customized governance coaching appropriate to your needs. Our unique system helps you to sustain the investment you have made in learning to govern more effectively.

You will be able to say with confidence that you are a “REAL” Board:

R – Results-focused: Your major focus is on the results produced

E – Exemplary: Your board is among the few that achieve a level of performance others want to emulate

A – Accountable: You are connected to those on whose behalf you govern and they are satisfied your organization or company is accountable and producing appropriate results on their behalf

L – Legacy-creating: Your board creates a lasting legacy that outlives the tenure of individual board members, shaping a meaningful future for those you serve

We have built our company, founded in 1994, on the values of integrity and servant-leadership.

We are committed to your success and will start where you are and walk with you on the journey.

Welcome to The Governance Coach™

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