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Does your board want to make a meaningful difference for the future?

Your board is truly responsible.

You want to fufill your fiduciary duty…

But …

you want more than that.

You want to know that the time and energy you spend today are going to make a difference long-term … for those on whose behalf you govern,

…and for those you serve, whether as a not-for-profit organization, a public organization, an educational institution, a church or mission agency, or a business.

We believe you seek to shape a meaningful future!

Why is it that some boards are visionary while others are stuck at supervisory?

Virtually every board needs to address three key questions:

1. How do we know both the Board and the CEO are doing their respective jobs?

2. How do we know we are fully protecting organizational assets?

3. How can we lead our organization into the future?

If you can’t answer all three questions with complete confidence, here are some resources to help you right now. Then read on…

Role Clarity


How does your board think about risk?

The response to organizational risk in some boards might best be characterized as fire-fighting. The organization is facing some possibly negative outcome – sudden registration of their financial…

Future Focus

If Governing for the Future is So Important, Why are So Few Boards doing it well?

At The Governance Coach™, we believe that truly responsible boards seek to shape meaningful futures. Yet, from what we’ve observed, only a select few…

You seek to shape a meaningful future

Governance training is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • We can help you ensure both board and CEO are clear about and accountable for their respective roles.
    • Our team can set you on a path that gives you confidence your organization has a solid risk-management system.
    • At The Governance Coach we give you the guidance to lead your organization into the future – in fact, to shape the future rather than just letting it happen to you.

Let Us Show You The Keys To Future-Shaping Governance

Most boards don’t reach the place where they can focus on shaping the future. Their time is occupied by the day-to-day details of their organizations. But a very few boards have learned how to address those details effectively in a way that puts attention to the details on cruise control, so they can carve out time to focus on the future. They have found the secret ingredients that provide the leverage necessary to help shape the future. Watch this to find out more.

We Can Help You Shape a Meaningful Future

Based on over 100 years of cumulative experience coaching boards, our team has developed The REALBoard Blueprint™. Our resources, tools and coaching can help your board be REAL:





Our Blueprint focuses on three key areas and the capabilities your board needs for each of them.

Role Clarity

Your board and management are on the same team; but that doesn’t mean that you play the same positions! As with any team, the purpose of role clarity is to ensure effective and efficient results, and accountability for your respective responsibilities.

We now have a clear delineation of roles. The board is no longer wondering who is responsible for what. We’re seeing a new sense of urgency around results.

Jack Preus

Chief Governance Officer

Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran Church

Risk Management

It’s not enough to just have a risk management plan in place. Your board can’t possibly know with certainty what’s going to happen in the future, but it can and should proactively ensure asset protection covers not only known risks but also plausible future risks .

Future Focus

Some think the board’s job is to design the future of the organization; we believe the board should be shaping the future for those the organization serves. This work requires awareness of the alternative futures in which your organization may exist and developing strategic foresight.

We’ve become a more strategic board that looks at where the industry is going and our role in shaping the future of arboriculture.

Michelle Mitchell

Former Board President

International Society of Arboriculture

Success Stories

Credit Union of New Jersey

We had a highly skilled and highly educated team that could deliver the financial services in line with the regulations. We were able to give them a free hand, with accountability to show us that they delivered what was planned. At the same time, the board was better able to focus on Ends.

Read the whole story…

Frontenac Mortgage Investment Corporation

We’ve enabled our staff to spend less time supporting board activities and more time creating deals that make money for our shareholders.

Read the whole story…

Semiahmoo House Society

[Board] recruitment is easier when you have a clear governance model you can explain to potential directors…. I see Policy Governance as part of the growth of any organization, from adolescent to adult, as it were.

Read the whole story…

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