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The Governance Coach™ has helped over 500 boards provide clear, future-focused direction leading to organizational success. We specialize in John Carver's Policy Governance® model.


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With over 40,000 consulting hours in Policy Governance, The Governance Coach™ Team provides practical advice based on real-life experience.  We can tell you what works, and save your board time and energy trying approaches that are less successful and just plain frustrating.

Our unique system, the REALBoard Advantage™, uses a series of carefully designed steps to coach your board from initial understanding of Policy Governance principles to achieving mastery in applying the Policy Governance model.

Each step includes practical implementation tools, knowledge products and customized governance coaching appropriate to your stage of Policy Governance implementation. Our unique system helps you to sustain the investment you have made in learning to govern more effectively.

For example, are you using the most effective way of doing a  CEO evaluation by your board of directors?  We can provide your board with real-world tools for a systematic approach to CEO evaluation, based on achievement of actual results and compliance with board policies.  Before you undertake your own CEO evaluation, contact The Governance Coach™.

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The official publication of The Governance Coach™ is the REALBoard Advisor.™

We bring you practical articles, expert information and insights to applying the Policy Governance® model.  Published bi-annually in January and June…FREE to subscribers and clients.  Get yours today!


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