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The Governance Coach™ Team Has Specialized in Policy Governance Implementation & Coaching Since 1994

Our consulting team has helped over 500 boards provide clear, future-focused direction leading to organizational success. We specialize in John Carver’s Policy Governance model. Our unique proprietary system – The REALBoard Excellence Advantage™ – takes you through a series of steps, beginning with an assessment of your board’s current function, leading to a mastery of applying the principles of Policy Governance. Based on over 100 cumulative years of experience, we provide hands-on tools to make the learning and application process easier.

Richard Stringham: BSc, GSP

Richard Stringham: BSc, GSP


  • Personally trained in the theory and implementation of Policy Governance, by John and Miriam Carver at the Policy Governance® AcademySM
  • Skilled facilitator, incorporating elements of problem solving skills, group dynamics, and thinking tools to assist groups in strategic planning and stakeholder input
  • Coach to boards in implementing Policy Governance, including professional associations, regulatory agencies, schools and cooperatives
  • Over 25 years management, education, and consultation experience in rural education, cooperatives and agricultural fields
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  • Board Member, Aldergrove Housing Co-operative, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Active volunteer, including church vestry member, scout leader, junior forest warden leader, and committee member for Cooperative organizations
Rose Mercier: MBA, GSP

Rose Mercier: MBA, GSP


  • Personally trained in the theory and implementation of Policy Governance by John and Miriam Carver at the Policy Governance® AcademySM
  • Coach to boards implementing Policy Governance including non-profit organizations, public agencies and national sport governing bodies
  • Over 25 years experience in management, program development, and leadership training in non-profit organizations
  • Licensed associate in Effective Intelligence®; and a qualified practitioner with Leading Organizational Change®
  • Bachelor of Physical Education and Masters of Business Administration
  • Governance Systems Professional (GSP)
  • Board member of GOVERN (formerly the International Policy Governance Association) for six years from 2021 and Chair from 2015 to 2018
  • Program Director for GOVERN’s Policy Governance Proficiency program since 2017
  • Skilled and insightful facilitator, who finds ways to include everyone in the process and a noteworthy talent for making the complex, simple and creating new ways to see a situation
  • History of success with diverse clients with a reputation for unlocking organizational puzzles and implementing solutions that last
  • Authored wide diversity of training manuals, facilitation guides and journal articles
Jannice Moore: MHSA, GSP

Jannice Moore: MHSA, GSP


  • Founder of The Governance Coach, 1994
  • Founding member and former Board Chair, International Policy Governance Association
  • Personally trained in the theory and implementation of Policy Governance with Dr. John Carver, developer of the model, at the Policy Governance® AcademySM
  • Coach to a wide range of boards in implementing Policy Governance including health care, schools, colleges, municipal councils, professional associations, regulatory agencies, churches, trade associations, businesses and a variety of voluntary and membership organizations
    Over thirty years of experience as a manager, planner, consultant and educator in the public sector
  • An exceptional facilitator
  • MHSA and Certified Health Executive, Canadian College of Health Leaders
  • Author of Governance for Health System Trustees and Governing Membership Associations
  • Author of articles and monographs, and contributor to several books
  • Contributor to The Policy Governance Fieldbook, published by Jossey-Bass
  • Regular author of articles on Policy Governance in Board Leadership, published by Jossey-Bass
  • Invited Speaker at conferences and seminars in Canada, the USA and Europe
  • Past Board Chair, Wycliffe Canada
  • International Policy Governance® Association Distinguished Service Award, June 2014
Andrew Bergen: MA, GSP

Andrew Bergen: MA, GSP

Senior Consultant

  • Personally trained in the theory and implementation of Policy Governance, by John and Miriam Carver at the Policy Governance® AcademySM
  • Past Board Chair of one of the largest school boards in Saskatchewan
  • Operator of team building and life coaching business
  • Outstanding presentation and facilitation skills
  • BA., MA
  • Trained and certified as a Coach (International Association of Coaches)
  • Certified presenter of Myers-Briggs Typology Inventory (Association for Psychological Type International)
  • Member of the Saskatchewan Association of Human Resource Professionals
  • 18 years experience as an educator from High School to University – in Canada, USA and Russia
Paul Zilz: MBA, GSP

Paul Zilz: MBA, GSP


  • Personally trained at the Policy Governance® AcademySM with Miriam Carver

  • Master of Business Administration from Indiana University – Bloomington
  • Assists organizations to improve their governance within a strategic and system-based context
  • Brings special emphasis on the application of Policy Governance® to faith-based organizations
  • Has served on the boards for Lutheran Bible Translators and United Way of Whitley County
  • Specializes in governance for the churches, school and colleges, Districts, and Recognized Service Organizations of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
  • Over 30 years of experience in finance, insurance and risk management, market development and sales
  • Owns his own insurance and consulting practice
Eric Phinney: BBA, MDiv, GSP

Eric Phinney: BBA, MDiv, GSP


  • Certificate denoting successful completion of the accredited Policy Governance Proficiency program from the International Policy Governance Association.
  • Over the last 15 years, facilitated the transition of several organizations to Policy Governance including Alpha Ministries Canada, Fencing Association of New Brunswick, and the Cherry Brook Zoo
  • Board Chair for Wycliffe Bible Translators Canada, having served on that board since 2013
  • pioneered and led many different organizations on both the local and national stages at the governance level
  • With a background in Civil Engineering (University of New Brunswick), Business Administration (University of New Brunswick), and Divinity (University of Toronto), he brings a wealth of diverse organizational experience
  • 25 years’ experience as a pastor in the diocese of Fredericton
  • He has recently completed 8 years as the Board Chair of Alpha Ministries
  • Serves on the Boards of Cherry Brook Zoo, Kennebecasis Squadron CPS-ECP, and The Mission to Seafarers Canada
  • Eric is an experienced gifted communicator and facilitator in small groups and large audiences
Michel D.A. Paulin: B.A. (Econ), M.B.A., ASC. (C.Dir.), GSP

Michel D.A. Paulin: B.A. (Econ), M.B.A., ASC. (C.Dir.), GSP


  • Certificate from the accredited Policy Governance Proficiency Program offered by Govern for Impact
  • Certification with the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés university certificate program – (ASC-C.Dir) – Université de Laval
  • Over 30 years senior management experience within the financial co-operative and education sectors.
  • Consultation experience in Policy Governance, school board management and strategic enterprise risk management.
  • Over 30 years of experience as a board member and board and committee Chair for various local, provincial and national organizations across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors
  • Currently Trustee and chair of the governance committee for the ONE-T Employee Life and Health Trust Board of Trustees,
  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and Master of Business Administration
Susan Meek, MBA, GSP

Susan Meek, MBA, GSP


  • Successfully completed the Policy Governance® Proficiency Program offered by Govern for Impact and is accredited as a Governance Systems Professional (GSP)
  • Over 30 years experience in nonprofits, government, and private industry with a primary focus on operations, communications, and governance in the education sector
  • Consultation experience in Policy Governance®, school board management, and strategic planning
  • Brings special emphasis on the application of Policy Governance® to education organizations
  • Received the 2018 Colorado State Leadership Award from the Colorado Association of School Boards for contributions and long-time commitment to public education
  • Received the 2018 Colorado Rural Service Award from the Colorado Rural Schools Alliance for strengthening the collective rural voice and rural advocacy in Colorado
  • Graduated with a Master of Business Administration in Business Economics and Public Policy from George Washington University
  • Currently serving on the school board for the third largest school district in Colorado

What does the GSP designation mean?

The professional designation, Governance Systems Professional (GSP), was introduced in 2019 by GOVERN FOR IMPACT to identify individuals who exemplify a high standard of governance knowledge and expertise and who are dedicated to advancing the field of governance – as distinct from management.

To qualify for the designation, The Governance Coach™ consultant must:

  • have attended the Policy Governance Academy™ led by John and Miriam Carver or completed the Policy Governance® Proficiency Program (PGP), and passed the PGP final exam;
  • commit to professional conduct as embodied in the standards of the GSP Code of Ethics;
  • on a continuing basis complete the required level of professional development credits; and
  • maintain an affiliation with the designation granting body, GOVERN FOR IMPACT.

The GSP designation enables organizations to identify those with knowledge and expertise who are committed to supporting boards to achieve governance excellence, upholding professional integrity in their work with boards, and continuing to expand their governance knowledge and competencies, including the application of Policy Governance principles and practices.