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Policy Governance® coaching

“Thanks for all your help, not only this year, but in the 6 years I’ve been on the Board with PEGNL.  Your reports have been invaluable.”

~ Jeff Card (Past President – PEGNL)

E-Coach on Retainer – Remote Governance Coaching


  • Regular contact, providing check-points against which to measure your progress
  • Regular reviews of complete board agenda and package, with written suggestions for both board and staff regarding improvements in the application of Policy Governance
  • Assistance to the CEO and delegated managers in developing monitoring reports
  • Advice to the CEO and management team on preparation and presentation of information to facilitate the board’s work
  • E-mail, phone and/or fax answers to questions as they occur
  • New implementation tools as they are developed
  • Additional customized services may be negotiated

Appropriate for:

  • Boards that have implemented Policy Governance, along with their management team and board support staff.

Policy Review – Maintaining Policy Governance Principles

If your board has been using Policy Governance for some time, or perhaps has implemented the model without outside assistance, you may benefit from an external review of your policies. This review can identify for your board’s consideration:

  • Ends policies that are not really Ends
  • Executive Limitations policies
  • Better organization to apply the Policy Sizes principle
  • Suggested improvements for clarity and completeness
  • Other areas in which your policies may be inconsistent with Policy Governance principles


Monitoring Report Assessment – Improving Your Board Monitoring

The CEO will find this service of particular value. The Governance Coach will provide written suggestions for the CEO and staff to whom the CEO delegates monitoring reports regarding improving monitoring reports so they are consistent with best practice application of Policy Governance principles.

    Governance Audit – Compare Your Governance with Policy Governance Best Practices

    The Governance Coach will provide a written assessment of current governance practice compared to best practice application of Policy Governance principles, based on review of written documentation, including policies, monitoring reports, board minutes and a written survey of board members.

    What does board coaching look like?

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    Policy Governance® Virtual Workshops

    Introduction to Policy Governance® start dates:  October 2 & November 6

    Assessing Monitoring Reports start date: October 17

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