Policy Governance Application Check Up™

This self-assessment is designed for boards that are already using Policy Governance. If your board is not using Policy Governance, we suggest you begin with our Board Practices Profile.™

If you are using Policy Governance, this Check-up will help you to assess your board’s progress from novice to mastery on the Policy Governance journey. The Check-up questions are related to eight areas that are important to master in order to apply Policy Governance principles to their full advantage.

In each area there is a list of practices that are common to boards in various stages of applying the Policy Governance model. These practices are not presented in “novice to mastery” order so as not to bias your responses. For each area, please check all of the items below that describe your board’s current function. [Please interpret “CEO” to be the top paid position in your organization, regardless of title (e.g., Executive Director, General Manager, etc.). Remember that “Ends” (whether or not you use that term) refers to the results your organization produces, the beneficiaries of those results, and the cost or worth of producing the results.]

When you have completed the assessment, we will provide you with a brief report indicating where your board is on the continuum from Policy Governance novice to Policy Governance mastery, along with some suggestions to help you move forward to the next stage.