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During the COVID-10 pandemic, face to face workshops are not an option. However, we can still assist your board in learning about and implementing Policy Governance® virtually.

With the introduction of GOVERNANCE COACH ONLINE we can help you achieve and maintain effective governance when everything around you is changing.

In the face of a crisis, we can choose to see only the danger, or to see the opportunity. Choose opportunity. If your board has been considering learning more about Policy Governance, but put it on the back burner because you can’t currently have a face-to-face workshop, bring that item back to the front burner.  Effective governance is important, now more than ever.

Policy Governance® Introduction

A virtual course, including 10 modules designed for your board members to complete individually, but also to learn as a group. It includes:

  • video presentations covering all of the Policy Governance principles
  • supporting reading materials and tools
  • interactive questions to check your understanding of the content
  • live webinar sessions with one of our consultants, scheduled and tailored specifically for your board, to answer your questions as you work through the modules, and discuss how the principles would apply in your particular situation.

How You Benefit:

  • Live interaction with a professional Policy Governance consultant as you learn
  • Your board can learn together even though not physically in the same room
  • No travel costs – worldwide (in English)
  • Just-in-time orientation for new board members, if you are already using Policy Governance.

Coming Soon

Complete Implementation of Policy Governance with Virtual Consulting and Ongoing Coaching

Click here to learn how your board can get started with Governance Coach Online.

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