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Meaningful Monitoring

The first in our REALBoard Tool Kit Series is critical to the board’s ability to be accountable to owners. It is designed to address “real life” questions about the process of monitoring the CEO.  How does a board attend to this important task without spending undue time doing so?  What should a Policy Governance monitoring report look like?  Meaningful Monitoring gives you practical tips, samples and a variety of tools to make monitoring easier and more meaningful.

$29.99 each

8 or more copies for your board at $19.99 each and receive a complimentary flash drive of all the tools.


Board Self-Evaluation

The second in our REALBoard Tool Kit Series is designed to address real-life questions about Board Self-Evaluation (sometimes called board monitoring) using practical tips, samples and a variety of tools!  Make board self-evaluation a meaningful part of your governance process!

$34.99 each

8 or more copies for your board at $24.99 each and receive a complimentary flash drive of all the tools.


Connect: A Guide to Ownership Linkage

The third volume in our REALBoard Tool Kit Series is designed to answer the “real-life” questions about the process of connecting or linking with owners. How does the board attend to this critical task, enabling it to gather the wisdom necessary to effectively provide leadership?

Connect! A Guide To Ownership Linkage provides practical tips, samples and a variety of tools to make your efforts to “Connect!”  easier and more effective.

$34.99 each

8 or more copies for your board at $24.99 each and receive a complimentary flash drive of all the tools.


Future-Focused Agendas

Many boards fail to realize the full value of Policy Governance by simply creating policies, but then not making optimal use of their meeting time. This fourth volume in our REALBoard Tool Kit Series is a practical guide to focusing a board on the future direction of the organization, thus maximizing the potential of the Policy Governance model.

$34.99 each

8 or more copies for your board at $24.99 each and receive a complimentary flash drive of all the tools.

REALBoard On-Line Learning

Our on-line learning modules are designed to help you learn about a system that will help your board become Results-Focused, Excellent, Accountable and linked to owners, and Legacy-creating.

This modular course covers all of the Policy Governance principles. Each module can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes, so that you can learn in convenient segments that match your personal schedule.

REALBoard On-Line Learning is for you if:

  • Your board is considering Policy Governance, and wants to learn more about how it works.
  • You are a new member of a board already using the Policy Governance model, and want to get “up to speed”.
  • You already use Policy Governance, but want to refresh your knowledge.
  • You are considering joining a board that uses Policy Governance and want to know more about how it works.

Annual subscription price is $350 per individual user, or $1500 for your organization, including all board members and administrative team

Click here to sample one of the REALBoard On-Line Learning modules


Governing Membership Associations

Membership associations have a tremendous potential to improve society. However, that potential can be forfeited by poor governance. Is your association board mired in operational details? Does it have time to talk about the difference you want to make for members? Do board members leave the meeting only to hold a parking-lot meeting to express frustrations that nothing was accomplished? Have you considered whether your association will remain relevant in the rapidly-changing world of the future? Does your association change direction every year as a new board chair is elected and wants to leave his or her mark? Do you have new directors who aren’t sure what their job is?

This book provides solutions. It is grounded in the Policy Governance® model created by John Carver. How does this system work in the real world of associations? Instead of becoming involved in a myriad of detailed operational issues, boards can provide proactive leadership so their associations will thrive. They can delegate operational details with confidence, knowing if they follow the principles of this system, the accountability that accompanies delegation will be in place.

Moore combines her experience of having worked within associations, both at the senior management and board levels, with the expertise gained in over twenty years of assisting boards to apply the principles of Policy Governance® in the real world. The reader will find this book full of practical advice to apply the system to the world of association governance.

$35.00 ea


Focusing Your Church Board

Church boards are often the scene of confusion, conflict and chaos. What’s the job of the board? What’s the role of the pastor in relation to the board? Should there be an elder board and an administrative board? Ted Hull’s use of illustrations and analogies bring these questions – and answers – into focus.

Ted first looks at the foundation of governance, both from a biblical and historical perspective. Then he introduces Policy Governance®, often referred to as the Carver model, and confronts questions regarding whether this secular model can work in the church, or if it should even be allowed. He even argues for why a church board may not want to use Policy Governance.

When you’re done reading, you’ll never look at the role of a church board in the same way again. In fact, whether you’re a member of your church board or the board of any charity, you’ll find yourself reaching for this book more than once.

$17.99 ea


Governance For Health System Trustees

This book provides you with 1) the questions you need to ask yourself and 2) the answers, so you can determine if you’re doing the right things to ensure the long-term future of your health organization. Whether you’re a trustee of a health region, an acute care or a long-term care facility, or a health-related voluntary agency, you need to know and understand exactly what your board’s responsibilities are.

$39.95 ea 

$35.95 ea (5 or more copies)



A fun, interactive learning session geared to boards who are new to Policy Governance®

PINGO is an opportunity to test your understanding of the principles of Policy Governance and their application. You’ll also have fun with your fellow board members and staff as you compete to be the first to call out PINGO!

$60.00 ea



A challenging, fun way to enhance Policy Governance® learning !

Reinforce your understanding of Policy Governance principles and their application with a stimulating “jeopardy” style game.

Teams of board members compete to answer questions from basic concepts to challenging applications in areas such as monitoring, owner linkage, ends, delegation and limitations. May be played as a board game or visually displayed with PowerPoint version, included on flash drive. All questions include complete answers, as well as specific references to the subject matter in one of John or Miriam Carver’s books.

Suitable for use at a board retreat, or may be played in smaller segments as an educational component of any board meeting.


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Assessing A Monitoring Report – Quick Start Guide

This concise guide is designed to help your board members learn to assess a monitoring report.  It provides a step-by-step process with examples for each step.  In a handy 8.5 x 11 laminated format, it can be kept with your board materials for easy reference.


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Board Orientation Manual

A Word® template to create a board orientation manual for new and existing board members

Includes board fiduciary responsibilities, policy development, monitoring, linking with owners, your board’s culture and traditions, communicating with staff board structure and governing style, the Policy Governance® source document, the board’s key relationships, logistical information and board support, FAQs and much more.


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The Best-Fit Board Member Matrix™

This tool is to use when your board is recruiting new candidates for membership.  It provides a simple method for your board to compare candidates based on your own customized criteria. It provides a listing and description of characteristics to consider when recruiting and selecting board members.

The Best-Fit Board Member Matrix™ allows your board to add or delete specific characteristics that are important to you, and also to determine as a board the relative importance of each characteristic.  This tool is available to you in a downloadable format.


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The Best-Fit Board Builder™

This tool will assist your board in assessing new candidates for your board. The Builder provides a “bank” of interview questions related to the board member characteristics you selected as most important for your board members to possess. (We recommend using the Best-Fit Board Member Matrix™ to determine these characteristics).

Rather than focusing on “hard” skills such as financial literacy and business experience, this tool provides questions to assess characteristics such as passion for the mission, systems perspective, critical thinking, and ability to function as an effective member of the board team, which are not commonly found in interview tools. The Best-Fit Board Builder™ is available in a downloadable format and includes a Word Format document that allows you to easily select specific questions and create a custom interview and scoring guide for them.