Further Reading

Below is a bibliography of reference materials on Policy Governance® and Servant-Leadership.

Policy Governance

Bergen, Andrew and Moore, Jannice. A Tale of Two School Boards: The Next Chapter. Calgary: The Governance Coach™, 2019.
In the words of author, Andrew Bergen, “I was just too fond of Anthony to say goodbye, so the tale continues!” The sequel to the unique novel, A Tale of Two School Boards, takes the reader along with chair Anthony Reyes and the Norcrest School District Board. They encounter numerous scenarios as a board, while expanding their knowledge and understanding about how the Policy Governance system helps the board direct and control the organization. The board will walk you through specific applications of Policy Governance and you’ll see how the trustees learn to apply Policy Governance in practical and realistic ways.

Bergen, Andrew and Moore, Jannice. A Tale of Two School Boards. Calgary: The Governance Coach™, 2017.

Bergen and Moore have combined their years of experience in applying the Policy Governance® model to school boards in the form of a novel. The challenges and frustrations faced by the characters and the solutions they find as they learn about Policy Governance will draw you into the story. Accompanied by study guides for readers new to Policy Governance, and one for readers already using Policy Governance.
Carver, John. John Carver on Board Leadership. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2002.
Selected writings from the creator of the world’s most provocative and systematic governance model.
Carver, John. Boards That Make a Difference: A New Design for Leadership in Nonprofit and Public Organizations, third edition. ed. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2006.
The definitive “text” on Policy Governance.
Carver, John. Empowering Boards For Leadership: Redefining Excellence in Governance. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1992.
A two-cassette audio program. (Two hours).
Carver, John, and Carver, Miriam. The Carver Policy Governance Guide Series on Board Leadership. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2009.
This set of six Carver Policy Governance Guides maps out the Policy Governance model and then takes readers through the essential elements of the model.  Available as a set or in individual volumes:
Volume 1, The Policy Governance Model and the Role of the Board Member

Volume 2, Ends and the Ownership

Volume 3, The Governance of Financial Management

Volume 4, Adjacent Leadership Roles: CGO and CEO

Volume 5, Evaluating CEO and Board Performance

Volume 6, Implementing Policy Governance and Staying on Track

Carver, John, and Miriam Carver. Reinventing Your Board: A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Policy Governance. Revised edition. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2006.
More detailed “how-to” information regarding implementing Policy Governance®.
Carver, John and Miriam. The Policy Governance Model: An Introduction. International Policy Governance Association, 2008.
A DVD presentation of the basics of Policy Governance.
Carver, John, and Caroline Oliver. Corporate Boards That Create Value: Governing Company Performance from the Boardroom. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2002.
The Policy Governance model as applied to business corporations. Foreword by Sir Adrian Cadbury.
Carver, Miriam, and Bill Charney. The Board Member’s Playbook: Using Policy Governance to Solve Problems, Make Decisions, and Build a Stronger Board. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2004.
This book enables boards to build and maintain governance skills with carefully crafted exercises (rehearsals), using a simple question and answer sequence.
Conduff, Mike; Gabanna, Carol; Raso, Catherine. The Ontarget Board Member, Elim Group Publishing: 2007.
Using the format of a story, this book talks about the “8 indisputable behaviors” of a board member who is consistent with Policy Governance® principles.
Hull, Ted. Focusing Your Church Board. Winnipeg: Word Alive Press, 2015.
Church boards are often the scene of confusion, conflict and chaos. What’s the job of the a board? What’s the role of the pastor in relation to the board? Should there be an elder board and a n administrative board? Ted Hull’s use of illustrations and analogies bring these questions – and answers – into focus.
Moore, Jannice. Governance for Health System Trustees. Ottawa: Canadian Healthcare Association Press, 2004.
This book is geared specifically to the needs of health system governors. Based on practical experience with applying the Policy Governance model to the boards of health care organizations, it provides 1) the questions you as a board member need to ask yourself and 2) the answers, so you can determine if you’re doing the right things to ensure the long-term future of your health organization.
Moore, Jannice. Governing Membership Associations. Calgary: The Governance Coach™, 2016.
This book provides solutions for Membership Associations. It is grounded in the Policy Governance® model created by John Carver. How does this system work in the real world of associations? Instead of becoming involved in a myriad of detailed operational issues, boards can provide proactive leadership so their associations will thrive. They can delegate operational details with confidence, knowing if they follow the principles of this system, the accountability that accompanies delegation will be in place.
Moore, Jannice. REALBoard Tool Kit™, Vol. 1, Meaningful Monitoring. Calgary: The Governance Coach , Second edition, 2007
Tools to assist boards in effectively using the Policy Governance model. This toolkit addresses “real life” questions about the process of monitoring, as well as practical tips, samples, and a variety of tools to make monitoring a more meaningful and valuable part of your governance process.
Moore, Jannice. REALBoard Tool Kit™, Vol. 2, Board Self-Evaluation. Calgary: The Governance Coach2006
Tools to assist boards in effectively using the Policy Governance model. This toolkit addresses “real life” questions about the process of evaluating the board’s own performance, as well as practical tips, samples, and a variety of tools to make board self-evaluation a meaningful and valuable part of your governance process.
Moore, Jannice. REALBoard Tool Kit™, Vol. 3, Connect! A Guide to Ownership Linkage. Calgary: The Governance Coach2008
The third volume in our REALBoard Tool Kit Series is designed to answer the “real-life” questions about the process of connecting or linking with owners. How does the board attend to this critical task, enabling it to gather the wisdom necessary to effectively provide leadership? This Toolkit provides practical tips, samples and a variety of tools to make your efforts to “Connect!” easier and more effective.
Moore, Jannice. REALBoard Tool Kit™, Vol. 4, Future Focused Agendas. Calgary: The Governance Coach2011
Many boards fail to realize the full value of Policy Governance by simply creating policies, but then not making optimal use of their meeting time. This fourth volume in our REALBoard Tool Kit Series is a practical guide to focusing a board on the future direction of the organization, thus maximizing the potential of the Policy Governance model
Moore, Jannice and The Governance Coach Team. The Board Member’s Companion: What Successful Boards Need to Know. Calgary: The Governance Coach™, 2019.
This E-Book brings together the best of the writings of The Governance Coach™ team over the past years on the subject of governance, with particular attention to the Policy Governance® model.The authors share their experiences and reflections based on over 100 years of cumulative experience in working with over 500 boards in a wide variety of sectors.
Oliver, Caroline, et al. The Policy Governance® Fieldbook: Practical Lessons, Tips, and Tools from the Experiences of Real-World Boards. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1999.
A collection of practical examples from “real” boards using Policy Governance. The book was developed based on the submission of a number of “case studies” from real boards, including a case I submitted based on one of my clients.
Oliver, Caroline, et al. Board Leadership. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
This newsletter is 8-12 pages in length, 6 issues a year. It aims to “discover, explain, and discuss innovative approaches to board governance with the goal of helping organization achieve effective, meaningful and successful leadership to fulfill their missions.” While not all content is about Policy Governance, it includes articles that discuss the application of the model.
Oliver, Caroline. Getting Started With Policy Governance: Bringing Purpose, Integrity and Efficiency to Your Board’s Work. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2009.
Royer, Gene. School Board Leadership 2000: The Things Staff Didn’t Tell You at Orientation. Houston: Brockton Publishing, 1996.
This book is written by a Texas-based consultant who has worked with Carver’s model for a number of years, specifically with school boards. All the examples are school related. For more information, email

Servant Leadership

The seminal writings on Servant-Leadership are those of Robert K. Greenleaf. The books edited by Larry Spears of the Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership also contain a number of Greenleaf’s essays. Max DePree and Bennett J. Sims are both “practitioners” of the concept.