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August 19, 2020


Andrew Bergen

Track the Package

In the current pandemic, online purchasing has become even more prevalent than previously.  A feature I really appreciate is the ability to track the delivery status of the product by simply clicking one button. I love that! I love it for a couple of reasons:

  1. It reduces any worry or concern I have about the status of my order. I can click the “Track Your Package” button, and in a matter of seconds I know where my package is. I no longer have to be concerned if it has been lost. I don’t wonder any longer “Will it be here today? Tomorrow? Is it still coming? How long do I have to wait?” I can see it’s being processed in the facility or it’s on the truck for delivery today . . . or whatever.
  2. I receive assurance that what I intended to occur (i.e., the newest, best shaving supplies will be in my hands) will actually happen.

This reminds me of the principle of monitoring in Policy Governance®. I follow the board minutes of several organizations and in a disappointing number, I note that their Ends policies are not being monitored. There are great statements in policy about what results the organization should produce, for whom and what the worth of that is – but no one is checking. How can a board be assured that the results are on track and the appropriate benefits will actually be created for the right people when no one looks?

It would be like telling my daughter she must be home by 11:00 and then falling asleep myself at 10:30 and never checking to see if she’s complied.

Monitoring the state of the Ends policies is a vital job for the board.  Sometimes Ends are long term and won’t be achieved in the first year – but the board must still monitor. This is similar to tracking my package after ordering online. Is it still on the way? Is it making appropriate progress to its destination? Can I expect it will arrive by the date that was promised when I ordered it?

Ensure your board is monitoring the progress towards its Ends so that you can: 1) reduce the worry on the board about achievement and 2) even more importantly, be assured that the organization will achieve results that are intended.

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